Winter Break Routines and Schedules

This is the time to make sure your routine is being consistently followed. The more consistent your child’s day is, the more control he feels he has over the day.

  1. Begin with using a calendar and putting a picture of a tree or other symbol for the holiday you celebrate on the date. Each morning, show your child today’s date and have him cross it out. It’s ok- if he can’t do it himself, just help him with a little hand-over-hand prompting.
  2. Count the days until the holiday on the calendar.
  3. Talk about what will happen and make it exciting (i.e., first breakfast, then go to Poppa’s house, last we open presents).
  4. Create a picture schedule for the holiday. Make sure to follow the schedule from the very beginning of the day. We understand that “life” happens and schedules can change, so you can make a OOPS picture to use for last-minute changes. When a change happens, show your child the schedule, removing the activity that changed and replacing it with the OOPS picture, making it a fun and silly experience. You want to let him know that change can be fun.
  5. Ask your BCBA to introduce some targets that are related to your own family’s holiday experiences. For example, teaching your child how to open a present!