Winter Break Reinforcer

Try implementing this reinforcer and have a little fun with the holiday season.

Program: Open present wrapped in paper giftwrap

Instructions: Put a reinforcer in a box and wrap it. The first few times, have the therapist deliver reinforcers first by showing your child (modeling) how to unwrap the gift and giving your child the reinforce inside.

After doing this a few times, the therapist begins to hand the present to the child.

If he has difficulty, the therapist uses prompting procedures based on the child’s needs.

Direction: “Open your present” or “Open it” or sometimes simply hand him the present

Response: Child opens present and gets the reward inside!

Make 10-15 different “presents” with reinforcers inside. Once the skill is mastered in therapy, save the rest to give him in the morning of the holiday to practice the skill before the real ones are opened.