Spring Break Activities

The snow is melting, the sun is shining, the weather is changing! This can only mean one thing…spring is coming! This undoubtedly means that spring break for school kids is also just around the corner. For some, this is a welcome break to have a child at home. For others, you are scrambling to come up with activities to further encourage development. Check out these ideas to take advantage of the beauty blooming before our eyes while spending quality time with your child.

Sequencing: Take pictures of the same view outside of your home every few days and if you don’t want to print them out, you can use your phone. Use the photos to teach sequencing. For example, ask your child to put the pictures in order (1st pic with snow on ground, 2nd pic snow melting, 3rd pic- no snow)

What Season Is It? Take a picture once a week for a month, or take a picture when it’s raining, snowing, cloudy, etc. Ask your child to identify the season.

Matching: Use the pictures you have taken and have a scavenger hunt, looking for leaves, rocks, or even a stop sign to teach awareness.

Show and Tell: Bring home items you found and put in a jar for the next time you need 5 minutes of quiet and teach adjectives- touch the leaf, what shape is it? color? wet? …

Sensory Bins: Grab some small containers and create sensory bins. Fill one with dirt, one with water, one with leaves, etc. Encourage your child to tell you how it feels as they explore.

As you are working on these activities, remember, instead of asking questions quickly, wait 3-10 seconds. This gives your child a chance to talk.