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Our entire intake process has been streamlined to allow you to achieve milestones along the way, just as your child does. All our online forms only ask for information that is required in order for us to begin to know your child and complete your child’s individualized care plan (required by insurance) and considered standard practice for quality treatment.

Has your child received a psychological evaluation from a neurologist, developmental psychologist, pediatric psychologist or other diagnostician? A proper evaluation should have included a visit to the provider’s office that lasted at least a few hours and included an observation of your child, interaction with your child as a provider attempted to get responses from your child, parent interviews, surveys and a discussion with the provider about their initial impression. That is, if the results of all the above are pointing to a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

If your child was evaluated and a diagnosis rendered, you should have the clinical evaluation report given to you. Sometimes this may take 2-3 weeks to get from the evaluator.

YES, my child was evaluated and diagnosed.

If your child has a diagnosis* of Autism Spectrum Disorder as a result of a diagnostic evaluation, please proceed to Milestone 1 to begin your intake process.

*Diagnosis of ASD must be a result of a diagnostic evaluation. Otherwise, insurance will not pre-authorize ABA therapy. You must have the evaluation report with the diagnosis of ASD. The report must include the use of a diagnostic tool (e.g., ADOS, CARS, GARS) with scores in order for insurance to accept the report. If you are waiting for the evaluation report but were informed of the diagnosis by the diagnostician, please let us know by emailing us at and proceed with Milestone 1.

NO, my child has not been evaluated or diagnosed.

Schedule a screening with us!

You will also want to immediately search for a diagnostician and schedule an evaluation as soon as possible. So why should you schedule a screening with us if your child will be evaluated anyway? A screening is to help you get information on “red flags” that are common in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and those you observe in your child, if any, during the screening appointment. It’s a helpful way to answer those questions every parent has… “Am I being too critical?” “Is this typical for children to do?” “What can I do to help my child?”

Without a diagnostic evaluation report from a neurologist, developmental psychologist, pediatric psychologist or other diagnostician, including the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, insurance will not cover ABA therapy. With some evaluators it may take up to 6 months to get an appointment. This is not a sole indication of how great the evaluator is, so call a few providers as time-frames change throughout the year. Then keep calling once a week to see if there are any cancelled appointments that you can schedule. Your child’s time is precious, so don’t wait months for an appointment. Contact us for a few diagnosing providers who we can refer you to.

Recommended Evaluators

This list is based on our experience with different evaluators and the comprehensive evaluation reports they produced. We do not receive any compensation from any of these referrals, nor do we guarantee any level of service from any provider on this list.

  • Dr. Nancy Keck
    Alexian Brothers Pediatric Specialty Group
    Phone: (847) 490-4222
  • Dr. Amy Davis Alexian Brothers
    Hoffman Estates, IL Phone: (847) 981-3630
  • Dr. Lisa Gold Franciscan Physicians Network
    Crown Point, IN Phone: (219) 662-0700

Milestone 1: Insurance Verification

We require your written permission to communicate with your insurance company, including checking your child’s ABA benefits. You will need to sign consent and HIPAA notification forms as a part of this Milestone. The forms will be sent separately to the email address you provide.

BEFORE YOU GET STARTED, you will need copies of the following:

  • FRONT of subscriber’s insurance card
  • BACK of subscriber’s insurance card
  • Photo ID (subscriber’s)
  • any secondary insurance card front/back

Want to expedite the process of intake?

  1. Make sure to upload the documents listed in Milestone 2.
  2. Complete a Release of Information form for each of your child’s providers (e.g. pediatrician, psychologist/psychiatrist, school)

Milestone 2. Registration

To complete Milestone 2, you will need the following:

If you have already uploaded these documents in Milestone 1, you will not need them again for this Milestone.

  • Psychological Evaluation with ASD diagnosis. If one is pending, upload a document with the evaluator’s contact information
  • IFSP or IEP, if any
  • Reports from other providers, if any

You will not be able to proceed to Milestone 3 without an evaluation report.

Once we review the reports we will contact you and send you information to access the next Milestones. 

Milestone 3. Medical History

Milestones 3 must be completed at least 3 days prior to our intake meeting.

You are only a couple Milestones away from your child beginning a new path to success!

Milestone 4 is our Intake Meeting and Initial Assessment.

The final step is Milestone 5, where we meet and review your child’s care plan (i.e. treatment goals, parent participation requirements)

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A number of studies have demonstrated that ABA techniques can produce improvements in communication, social relationships, play, self-care, school and employment. These studies involved age groups ranging from preschoolers to adults. Results for all age groups showed that ABA increased participation in family and community activities.