Getting Started


Intake Process

Our entire intake process has been streamlined to allow you to achieve milestones along the way, just as your child does. All our online forms only ask for information that is required in order for us to begin to know your child and complete a care plan required by insurance.

All our online forms are HIPAA-compliant, meaning that your/your child’s information is secure.

Milestone 1.   Registration

We require your written permission to communicate with your insurance company, including checking your child’s ABA benefits.

Please complete MILESTONE 1: Registration Form  Click Here

You will need PDF copies of the following:

  • FRONT of subscriber’s insurance card
  • BACK of subscriber’s insurance card
  • Photo ID
  • Psychological Evaluation with ASD diagnosis
  • IFSP or IEP, if any
  • Reports from other providers, if any

Next Step

After you complete Milestone 1, we will check your insurance benefits and start to get to know your child through an initial record review so we may plan ahead for our initial Intake Meeting and assessment.


After our initial review as a part of Milestone 1, you will be asked to complete Milestone 2 and 3 at least 2 days prior to our intake meeting.

Milestone 2. Patient Profile

You will be asked to complete online form: Milestone 2- Patient Profile 

Once we verify your child’s benefits for ABA therapy, we send you a password to our patient log-in page to access Milestone 3.

Milestone 3. Medical History

… your final Milestone before beginning a new path to success!
Complete Milestone 3 is available on our patient portal. If you have forgotten the password, please email us at


All electronic clinical records are accessible on our HIPAA-compliant patient portal.
Forgot your password? Click on the “?” on the “password” line
Click on “I know my username”
Message us at your convenience.


You have completed the Milestones needed to get your child’s ABA program started. There will be additional forms that will require your signature such as consent to treatment, HIPAA notices and more. These forms will be sent to you after our evaluation demonstrates your child’s need for ABA therapy.
Should your child’s needs indicate ABA therapy, as medically necessary, we will begin creating your child’s individual treatment care plan with specific, measurable goals. The goals will be shared with you for your feedback and approval. They will then be sent to your insurance company for pre-authorization, if required by your insurance company.

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All communication via Patient Portal is HIPAA-compliant and will ensure the protection of each patient’s privacy

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A number of studies have demonstrated that ABA techniques can produce improvements in communication, social relationships, play, self-care, school and employment. These studies involved age groups ranging from preschoolers to adults. Results for all age groups showed that ABA increased participation in family and community activities.


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