ABA Jump-Start

Has your child’s program stalled? Give our ABA Jump-Start service a try!

With the ABA Jump-Start program, we will provide feedback on existing home programs. The value in this is to assure continued progress. In addition, it will expand learning opportunities by identifying areas of need and focus.


When is the ABA Jump-Start program needed?

If you have an ABA program already in progress, but your child just seems to be “stuck,” plateaued, or his/her behavior plan doesn’t seem to be working, we are here to give your child’s engine a Jump-Start!


Why does this work?

No one person has all the answers and we believe that collaboration is the most successful method of designing an effective program. We will work together with your current provider to offer a unique, independent, unbiased perspective with recommendations. With this program we have successfully:

  • Decreased unwanted behaviors
  • Increased functional words spoken per day
  • Decreased “guessing” (incorrectly)
  • Increased motivation to learn
  • Decreased sign-scrolling
  • Increased response-rates (decreasing “processing” time)
  • Decreased WH discrimination errors (Answering “in the kitchen,” when asked, “Name some foods.”)
  • Increased number of effective reinforcers