Professional Training

Our goal is to provide consultation and training to groups working with young kids. Therefore, we work with many local daycares and preschools so they can provide ABA procedures to the children in their care. In addition, our Senior BCBA has extensive experience in teaching in classroom settings as well as designing classrooms from scratch. 

Your school or clinic needs are met by us through:

  • Designing curriculum that meets State of Illinois standards
  • Providing goals and objectives that are IEP-friendly
  • Reviewing goals and objective that are already in place and ensuring that they are measurable
  • Designing data collection that is simple to follow, yet meets best-practice requirements by the BCBA.
  • Analyze the data and provide feedback, and make on-going modifications as your child progresses

We are in the process of becoming certified through Gateways of Illinois.

Our Senior Behavior Analyst has provided services in:

Indiana, West Virginia, Kansas, Michigan and overseas, including London and Cyprus.

Previous Workshop and Training titles:

  • Toilet Training
  • New Foods and Feeding
  • ABA for Dads
  • Setting up and making use of the iPad
  • Social Cognition
  • ABA 101
  • Verbal Behavior 101
  • Social Skills and Peer Play Dates
  • Assessments and Evaluations
  • We provide the following assessments and evaluations: ABLLS-R and/or VB-MAPP