ABA Therapy Services

Harmony Autism Therapy offers ABA Therapy Services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the home. Studies show that when a child receives therapy services in their natural environment, that is when the most growth takes place. We work with the child as well as the family to develop goals to achieve. In addition, we are committed to educating the communities we serve by offering parent and teacher lectures/training.

Free Screening

A free screening is a helpful way to begin answering questions to concerns you may have. In addition, it will provide guidance towards the next steps. 

Jump Start

Is your child in an ABA program that has stalled? Harmony Autism Therapy is happy to review your child’s current plan to give it a jump start.

Early Intervention

We provide treatment to children in Early Intervention who may soon be or are already diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our Behavior Analyst aides in addressing behaviors that may be interfering with other therapies, such as, speech, developmental, etc.

Parent/Guardian Training

It takes a village to raise a child on the spectrum. Our goal in offering parent/guardian training is to ensure further development and success for the child and family in between therapy sessions.

In-Home ABA Therapy Service

Research shows that the most progress is gained in a child’s natural environment. Therefore, by providing ABA therapy services in the home, we are able to maximize their growth potential. Our BCBA works closely with the parent/guardian and is happy to co-treat with other providers.

Professional Training

We provide professional training to local schools and day cares. We will work with you and your staff to develop the topic and whether it is a one-time presentation or a series. Popular topics include red flags and potty training.

Choosing the right treatment for a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be complicated. Although there are many different treatment options available, most are ineffective at best, and some may even be harmful.

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